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Dr. Dwight Turner on otherness, race, and the benefits of psychotherapy | Dr. Dwight Turner

April 27, 2021

Dr. Dwight Turner has been studying and teaching on the concepts of otherness, race, and justice in psychotherapy long before they were trending topics in culture. He recently put out his first book on just that topic, in the hopes that readers will walk away with a better understanding of their own privilege and tendencies to otherize in culture today. 

On this episode of The Sidewalk Talk podcast, Traci gets to sit down with Dr. Turner to discuss his book, the idea of creating equality and justice out of disgust, and the balance between being an individual and adapting to society, especially when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a thought-provoking and engaging conversation between therapists, but also one that is accessible to anyone, regardless of their background in psychotherapy or counseling. Traci and Dr. Turner’s conversation ends with his wish for you, the listener, to think about what one or two things you can do within your own community to benefit the life of someone else. Don’t miss out on this important and timely conversation! 


Episode Milestones

[00:07] Intro 

[02:34] Meet Dr. Turner 

[05:25] Dr. Turner’s book 

[10:17] Aha moments in writing Intersections of Privilege and Otherness in Counselling and Psychotherapy 

[13:40] Creating justice and equality out of disgust 

[19:23] What Dr. Turner hopes the impact of his book will be 

[26:43] The balance between being an individual and adapting to society 

[36:09] Psychotherapy’s participation in other-ing 

[39:58] Dr. Turner’s wish for you

[42:52] Outro 


Resources Mentioned

Intersections of Privilege and Otherness in Counselling and Psychotherapy 


Standout Quotes from the Episode

“Identity is formed at an early age by what we are not as well as what we are. And then our egos fight tooth and nail to maintain that sense of self.”
—Dr. Dwight Turner 

“We are a far bigger creature than the one we created as a child.”
—Dr. Dwight Turner 

“There’s a chance to learn something more out of difference if we can move beyond things like disgust or shame or rage that we’ve been taught.”
—Dr. Dwight Turner 

“Any drive towards understanding difference, otherness, privilege, has to come from a moral and ethical and soul-like place in oneself.”
—Dr. Dwight Turner 

“There’s a balancing act between duty to oneself and duty to those around you.”
—Dr. Dwight Turner 

“We can’t divorce culture from family.”
—Dr. Dwight Turner 



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