Sidewalk Talk

The Revolution of Putting Relationships First with Drs. Harville Hendricks and Helen Hunt

September 27, 2019

The Revolution of Putting Relationships First with Drs. Harville Hendricks and Helen Hunt

Standout quotes from this episode:

The outside creates the inside. -Dr. Harville Hendricks


Connecting is more important than the individual and Sidewalk Talk is creating a relationship revoluion. -Dr. Harville Hendricks


Mental health has taught us to look inside when something is wrong.  No. We need to look outside.  -Dr. Harville Hendricks


What makes you tired when you are listening to someone is when you have to have opinions about someone.  Connecting from curiosity and wonder puts us in the most peaceful part of our brain making listening beneficial to our wellness.  -Dr. Helen Hunt


Pioneers in Human Relating:

Drs. Harville Hendricks and Helen Hunt are pioneers in the field of marriage counseling and now human relationship.  They are therapists turning therapy upside down.  Harville has been on Oprah over 17 times, his work is that revolutionary.

For years we have been taught two things:

  1. Knowing, being judicious, and being certain about the world is rewarded but being “certain” about people leaves out the peace and wellness that comes from wondering and being curious about someone.
  2. We grow when we search inside ourselves but actually we grow when we put connection before individual introspection.

Hear how Harville and Helen talk about why listening on the sidewalk is actually good for listeners and talkers' brains. 

It isn’t tiring because Sidewalk Talk Listeners are suspending the “need to know” or “the need to be right” and instead move to their upper brain, the part of the brain that creates peace and calm.

There are revolutionary takeaways in this short conversation.  And we are blown away that Harville said “You know Traci, what you all are doing at Sidewalk Talk is creating a relationship revolution.”

They are convinced that we have this wellness and healing thing all wrong.  It is the magic of the space between two people and making them safe and the quality of our interactions where our wellness and peace improve and thrive.

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