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Incredible Ways To Spread Empathy with Daily Haloha | Amy Giddon

December 7, 2020

Imagine a space where you could anonymously, without judgment or a sense of popularity, could connect with, refresh and uplift yourself and fellow others in a more humane way. You could be your unique self and still never feel alone, for you knew we all mattered alike.

That is what Amy Giddon had started with. Amy is the CEO and Co-founder of Daily Haloha, a mobile app and technology platform for people to connect more deeply and compassionately to themselves and to others through a shared experience of reflection and curiosity around a single daily question. Amy left her business and organizational background to listen to her true calling, and now finds herself in better alignment than she had ever before.

Listen in as Amy joins Traci on this week’s podcast to discuss self-growth and connective consciousness while sharing with us her inspirational journey as a listener with Sidewalk talk and as an entrepreneur chasing her life goals!

Self-reflective and connected conversations could do magic for you, by introducing you to an exuberant and positive world of empathy. Join us on this episode to see for yourself the magic that Amy reflects with her venture!


Episode Milestones

[00:09] Intro

[00:58] Meet Amy Giddon

[04:02] Understanding Amy’s life journey

[06:20] Amy talks of the Subway Therapy sticky note project at NYC

[09:47] Amy shares how she came up with the idea of “Daily Haloha”

[16:21] The foundational principles of Amy’s app

[17:06] Amy discusses the vulnerability and risks associated with her project

[21:54] Understanding the app and knowing the team behind it

[26:43] The inspiration behind Daily Haloha

[30:36] Talking “Collective Effervescence”

[33:50] Something special coming up for the listeners!

[34:38] Amy’s experience as a listener with Sidewalk-talk

[46:26] Amy’s words of wisdom for you

[48:38] Outro


Resources Mentioned

Standout Quotes from the Episode

“I felt so disturbed by not just the outcome of the election but also the process of the election and how that brought us into extreme division, not only socially and politically, but around our dinner tables.” – Amy Giddon [05:30]

“The only way to see it come to life was do it.” – Amy Giddon [13:48]

“It’s been an exhilarating and terrifying ride and sometimes, all in the same day.” – Amy Giddon [17:10]

“I’m understanding myself in whole new ways, I think because I’m learning a lot of things.” Amy Giddon [26:12]

“In Sidewalk listening, it’s not like you’re not supposed to listen, but you’re not supposed to insert yourself on the story and it is such a different kind of practice.”– Amy Giddon [37:58]



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