Sidewalk Talk

Seeking Wonder with Andrea Scher

November 22, 2022

Andrea Scher is a writer, artist and life coach whose work is driven by her belief in the transformative power of wonder for creativity and wellbeing. For nearly two decades, through her award-winning blog Superhero Journal, her international workshops, her Creative Superheroes podcast, and bestselling e-courses, she has thrilled others with their own power to find magic all around them.

Join this conversation for a celebration of joy, love, friendship and the wonder of wonder.


Episode Timeline

  • [00:09] Intro 
  • [0:57] Meet Andrea
  • [3:20] A peek inside Andrea’s birthday and book release party
  • [4:43] How Andrea’s experiences of depression and anxiety led her to become a seeker of wonder
  • [6:26] Who Andrea is in the world 
  • [8:12] How Andrea leads people to their own joy and delight
  • [9:27] How to recognise a Full Body Yes
  • [10:37] How Andrea used her Full Body Yes to meet some extraordinary people through online dating
  • [11:36] Desire tracking (and what gets in the way of us doing it)
  • [13:00] The people who have most inspired Andrea
  • [17:34] The creative spark that birthed Andrea’s book
  • [21:14] Putting on your Wonder Goggles
  • [26:11] Negativity bias
  • [29:27] How we can cultivate wonder in our relationships
  • [30:54] Andrea’s (platonic) rendezvous with a beautiful man on a flight from Milan
  • [37:34] Andrea’s message to the Sidewalk Talk volunteers
  • [39:49] Closing
  • [40:44] Outro


Resources Mentioned

Wonder Seeker (Andrea’s book)

Superhero Journal (Andrea’s blog)


Standout Quotes

  • “I think what I like to do is help people move toward their delight and move toward what feels joyful for them, what feels delicious to them.” (Andrea)
  • “a lot of times we're just living this life in this sort of default, unconscious way, and we're not pursuing what actually makes us feel joyful. So that's what I'm sort of orienting people toward.” (Andrea)
  • “Isn't the body amazing at giving us cues and how often we're living in our heads?” (Traci)
  • “We’re not even tracking our own desire and our own wanting, because we're already thinking about, well, what does this other person need and what do they want and what's convenient for them?” (Andrea)
  • “I'm so grateful that this dream happened when I turned 50 because I feel like I can hold the joy of it fully.” (Andrea)
  • “It's not an accidental thing that when you invite it in and put yourself in the way of wonder, you actually set your life up to have more and more of it.” (Traci)
  • “we need to train our brain to also scan for what's good and what's beautiful and what's working in order to sort of, like, kind of balance the scales neurologically so that we have a chance at feeling more joy.” (Andrea)
  • “There's a way that your life is always speaking to us, whether that means, like, our higher self is speaking to us, our spirit is speaking to us, or the mystery, it really doesn't matter how you name it, but yeah, I think that's so beautiful and absolutely the way I move through the world, and it feels like magic.” (Andrea)
  • “Curiosity is key because we think we know things. We think we know. We think we know what wonder means. We think we know who our partner is. We think there's nothing new to discover.” (Andrea) 
  • “finding our wonder inside of the messiness is exactly where we need to tend it most. So tending our joy, tending our wonder is crucial at moments like this.” (Andrea)



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