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The Art of Hosting’s Toke Paludan Moeller on learning and spiritual practice | Toke Paludan Moeller

May 11, 2021

Toke Paludan Moeller was born a few years after World War II into a lineage of learners. His Danish ancestors include a cadre of individuals who spent their lives doing things from resisting the Nazis to being educated in the folk schools that came after their native country’s bankruptcy. Toke has made a name for himself within his family, starting the Art of Hosting and Interchange to help us all learn to live in harmony with ourselves and others. 

On this episode of The Sidewalk Talk podcast, Traci gets to talk with Toke, one of her personal heroes, about the storied history that made him the person he is today, his belief that learning is a way to become a good citizen of the societies in which we live, and how to find your spiritual connection or practice and determine the work you have been called to complete in this life. This is a conversation you won’t simply listen to—you’ll feel it in your very being. Get ready for Toke to share his fount of wisdom with you. 


Episode Milestones

[00:07] Intro 

[03:52] Meet Toke 

[24:03] Learning as a way to be a good citizen 

[33:53] Finding your spiritual connection and determining the work you’re called to 

[48:00] Your response to the call  

[58:11] Toke’s word for you

[1:03:00] Outro 


Resources Mentioned

The Art of Hosting



Standout Quotes from the Episode

“Before anything else, we are human beings, and we can learn.”
—Toke Paludan Moeller 

“I’m a seeker of wisdom wherever I can get it.”
—Toke Paludan Moeller 

“One of the downfalls of the long-term evolution of our societies is the separation, the divorce in some places, between education and learning.”
—Toke Paludan Moeller 

“We are fantastically endowed to excel in learning. And when we learn together, it’s an equalizer.”
—Toke Paludan Moeller 

“We need peaceful warriorship in the world.”
—Toke Paludan Moeller 

“When we are comfortable and when we are in that harmony, we are kind and so willing to give.”
—Toke Paludan Moeller 

“Living in love and peace is not an old stupid hippie idea. This is how the fucking universe works.”
—Toke Paludan Moeller 

“If we can live the future we want a little more every day, eventually it will be so.”
—Toke Paludan Moeller 

“This is the time to remember who we are and to not be afraid of going on the most important exploration that we can do: to discover who we really are.”
—Toke Paludan Moeller 

“What you practice, you will become.”
—Toke Paludan Moeller 



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