Sidewalk Talk

The Healing Journey of a Vietnam Combat Veteran

November 9, 2019

Stand Out Quotes 

  • Once you label someone with a disorder you create a greater sense of aloneness.  I have relabeled PTSD to stand for Past Trauma Stated Differently. 
  • Veterans do not believe they are the ones that are broken, society is.
  • Veterans take meaning from their mission.  When you take that away from them, society does not make sense to them.

Note: There are pieces of this episode that may be triggering for current and former veterans and those who have experienced trauma.  Practice self-care and open-hearted curiosity in your listening, as you hear Gary's story.

The US Veteran experience is one many of us feel heartache about.  We see homeless veterans on the sidewalks or living on the streets. Seven percent of the US population are veterans.  Seventy-five percent of those served during wartime.  Twenty-two US Veterans die by suicide every day. 22!

Hear Gary describe his experience of healing from the trauma not only from his young life, but the wounds he took with him into the Vietnam War when he was just 19 years old.

He has been homeless three times and feels comfortable on the street, sometimes more so than with “society”. He describes a sense of freedom.

Gary pulled himself up using unconventional healing practices and now has founded a non-profit and training program for veterans.  You can learn more about Gary and his work at and

If you are a veteran, we thank you for your service.  For the life-altering and reality twisting sacrifice, you have made to serve the US. We hope that by hearing Gary’s story, we can open ourselves to honor your story.  

If you need extra support after hearing this episode see this great page of resources for vets struggling with suicide or homelessness or call the Veterans Crisis Line at  1-800-273-8255 #1.